Mikhail Stoyanof

Mikhail Stoyanof

Mikhail Stoyanof
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a figure displaying the inner musculature of the back of the body stands akimbo in front of a landscape of plants, rocks, and a ruined stone wall

sinyasiki:  かっ飛びロック

sinyasiki: かっ飛びロック

Equus marinus monstrosus from Aldrovandi's 'History of Monsters' (1642), for…

Equus marinus monstrosus "Ulissi Aldrovandi (Aldrovandus) Woodcut illustrations from Aldrovandi's 'History of Monsters'

Kenbikyo Mushi No Zu

atelierentomologica: “ Flea, from Kenbikyo Mushi No Zu (“Illustrations of Microscopic Insects”), a scroll published in 1860 ”

toiletpapercosmos:  Tadanori Yokoo from “Posthumous Works”, 1968.

toiletpapercosmos: Tadanori Yokoo from “Posthumous Works”,


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