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the door to an oven is open with four knobs
Apartment Kitchen Decorating Diy Storage 19+ Ideas #kitchenstorageideas
Apartment Kitchen Decorating Diy Storage 19+ Ideas
the annual homeowner's maintenance checklist is shown in blue and white
Clearview Home & Property Inspections
Hi friends, and happy 2016!! This is my very first post of the new year…..I had started this post prior to my getaway and then abandoned it and scheduled what had posted thinking I would resume my Seven on Sunday next week however I so missed being on my blog and being in blogland in …
a man is working on the floor with tools
Interior Trim Work Basics
Interior trim work basics: All the trim basics, start to finish, plus a clever way to get miters tight
a person is sanding the base of a wooden pillar
How to Use Epoxy on Wood for Repairs
Epoxy is the perfect material to make permanent repairs of rotting window sills, door jambs and exterior molding that are difficult to remove and expensive to replace. Epoxy is easy to handle too. You mix it like cookie dough, mold it like modeling clay and, when it hardens, you carve and sand it just like wood. It sticks like crazy and is formulated to flex and move with the wood, so it won't crack and fall out like some wood fillers...good to know.
there is a sign that says don't hire a plumber
Plumbing Archives - Pretty Handy Girl
Plumbing fixes and repairs you can do yourself!
a man is making a cake on top of a table with instructions for how to make it
How to Upholster a Chair (DIY
Even if you've upholstered chairs before, this will teach you the proper way. Especially helpful on corners. My next project
an image of a door handle with blue arrow pointing to it
47 Skills You Need to Survive Homeownership
pin now, read later...47 things you need to know when you own a home