Cake decorating techniques

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there are many different types of flowers in the shape of knobs on this white surface
Cupcake Flower Bouquet - Using Russian Piping Tips • A Subtle Revelry
the instructions for how to make buttercream flowers
How to Make Beautiful Buttercream Flowers | Wilton
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Flower cupcake
Spring Party Rose Cupcakes tutorial
Rope Technique on a Purple Cake
The amazing stencil tutorial @britishgirlbakes
Castle Cake
Geode Cake
how to make ombre cake with pink icing
Ombre Cake Tutorial
the cake is being cut into pieces by someone using a knife to slice it out
Make a modern ombre Easter cake - Think.Make.Share.
Easy Fondant Rose Without Tools
How to pipe buttercream flower cupcakes- buttercream roses, peonies and hydrangeas
instructions for how to make a flower out of toilet paper
Buttercream Flower Wreath Cake Tutorial - Sugar & Sparrow
three different types of flowers are shown with the numbers on each side and one is labeled in
Buttercream Flower Bouquet Cupcakes - Roses, Peonies & Hydrangea Piping Techniques