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FREE Social Emotional Learning Digital Spinner + Printable Conversation Cube! Great for School, Home
Teacahers, School Counselors, Parents! Your students, young ones will love this FREE Getting to Know You Social Emotional Learning Digital Spinner. You can use this spinner for both distance learning and in-person classroom morning meetings, community building, classroom guidance lessons, lunch bunches, small groups, and individual counseling. Comes in Google Slides™, PowerPoint™, and printable versions.
Calm Activity Book With 100 Exercises Teachers, Parents Can Use With Kids - Both Digital and Print
four pink cards with some words on them
Emotion Scenario Cards (Anger)
Emotion Scenario Cards (Anger)
an info sheet with different types of children's eyewear
Children's fears by age according to child psychologists.
three goal cards with the words, two things i will do to reach my goal
Goal! Helping Students Set and Reach Goals
Fifth Grade Freebies: Goal! Helping Students Set and Reach Goals
four birthday cards with the words you see a friend hanging out on it's back
50+ Free SEL Resources
50+ FREE counseling and social emotional learning resources for kids and teens. Resources include printable worksheets, online materials, apps, videos, and more. #mentalhealth #counseling #sel #socialskills #pathway2success
two hands holding up a wheel with the words managing my emotions wheel written on it
25 Ways to Integrate Social Emotional Learning
Spend time talking about emotions with kids and young adults. Read up on this and more ways to integrate social emotional learning in the classroom. SEL activities and ideas can be applied at the preschool, elementary, middle, and high school levels. #sel #socialemotionallearning #socialskills #pathway2success #emotions
several pieces of paper that are in a blue bowl on top of a wooden table
Moods Game | Activity |
Play Mood Charades! Activity - Tone, mood and emotion are very subjective and hard to explain. Spend some time first just talking with your child about it. Mood is probably the easiest one to figure out. Ask him to describe what a bad mood would look and sound like, and then a good mood. He should be able to give you a pretty good explanation of each.
a venn diagram with the words things i can control and other words in it
Habit 1: Be Proactive
This would be a cool poster to have in the room!
a diagram showing the different parts of a child's life cycle, including parents and siblings
Vygotsky was the first proponent of the contextual view, but Bronfenbrenner, is its best proponent today. Bronfenbrenner views the developing child embedded in a series of complex and interactive systems. He divides the environment into four levels: the microsystem, the mesosystem, the exosystem, and the macrosystem. #Development
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