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the shark is made out of rocks on the beach
Stone-cold Shark Painted Rocks (video Tutorial) - Painting Ideas - Projects
two painted rocks with shark's teeth on them, one is gray and the other is red
Painted Rocks Sharks
three plastic shark heads sitting on top of a cement floor with their mouths open and teeth out
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some red and white rocks with writing on them are arranged in the shape of a heart
many different rocks with animals and letters painted on them, including the letter s to z
Preschool Alphabet Rock Stones
Preschool Alphabet Rock Stones Last year I discovered rock painting and really fell in love with the craft. I began painting rocks on a regular basis and eventually began sharing my rocks here on The Inspiration Preschool Alphabet Rock Stones. This Alphabet Learning Activity is great for kids. Paint rock stones and make Alphabet rock art to teach the letters of the alphabet to preschool and kindergarten kids. #alphabet #Phonics #rockpainting #rockart #rockstones #rocks #paintedrocks #artyandcraf
there are some rocks and spoons on the table
Stone soup for dramatic play
Stone soup. A great book and easy set up. Dramatic play for inside or out. #preschool #kindergarten #earlychildhood #dramaticplay #invitationtoplay
a table with rocks on it and a basket full of stones in front of it
Balance and counting with stones
This is a simple invitation. I find it peaceful and the children 'zen' like when doing it. #invitationtoplay #preschool #kindergarten #earlychildhood #mathsinec
a group of black and white penguins painted on rocks
Penguin Story Stones
Adventures of Adam DIY penguin story stones More
an advertisement for some kind of fishing lures on the ground with other items in it
Painted stones
These painted stones are ADORABLE!!! Maybe this will give me something to do this summer...or at least what's left of it.
some rocks with faces painted on them next to a glass of water and a straw
Painting with water, creating magic and wonder
Simple set up of stones, water and paint brushes. The magic and zen quality of the activity always brings wonder. #handsonlearning #learnthroughplay #learningthroughplay #playtolearn #finemotorskills #processartforkids #waterpainting
how to base coat rocks to paint with rock painting 101 on top of a table
Add a base coat to your rocks ~ The fast and cheap way!
Base Coat Rocks to paint. Add a quick and inexpensive base coat to your rock painting. This method uses acrylic paint. Perfect for rock hunting! #basecoatrocks #rockpainting #rockpaintingtips #stonepainting #rockpaintingforbeginners #rockpainting101
the shark is made out of rocks on the beach
a rock with a hand painted on it
several different types of painted rocks with leaves on them, all in gold and black