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Life Well Lived. A collection of non-religious funeral poems that help guide us in our grieving. Curated by Memory Press, creators of beautiful, uplifting, and memorable funeral programs:
a poem written in blue and green butterflies with the words speak their name on it
Speak their name
an image of a tree with the words i sat with you today
a poem written in white with roses on it
My mother, granny and baby are with me❤❤
a poem written in front of trees with autumn leaves on the ground and an orange background
a poem written in the middle of a photo with an orange sky and water behind it
I could not forget you if I tried. I Love You So Very Much.
a poem written in front of a rainbow with the words look for me in rainbows
a poem written in blue and white with an angel above it
a poem written in the shape of a heart with an image of a person holding their hand
Saturday's Sayings - Thinking of Fathers Missed, and Grieving Fathers on Father's Day...
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an old paper with writing on it and some type of writing in the middleground
Never be the same