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Missing My Son, Love Of My Life, Grief Loss, I Miss You
How do I move on when I don’t want to move on?
two watermarks with the words, name here and date here in black ink
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a green background with the words so much of me died along with you there's a sudden, gaping hole where my future used to be
🕯 Create an Online Memorial
an iphone screen with the text just one more day on it and a photo of trees in the background
Just one more day A Poem
the back of a woman's shoulder with an ink quote on it and birds flying around
Family Tattoos - Tattoo Designs
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Motivation, Wise Words, Feelings, Words Of Wisdom, Quotes To Live By, It Hurts
this and that
the quote never have i deal with anything more difficult than having to face each day without you being there in my life
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a green background with the words, there is no reason to be afraid about something
🕯 Create an Online Memorial
a forest with trees in the background and a quote on it
a dandelion with the words, no tomorrows
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