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Stepcraft 2 Universal Desktop CNC Machine And 3D Printer In One / TechNews24h.com

Stepcraft Inc. is raising funds for Stepcraft Universal Desktop CNC / Printer / Laser on Kickstarter! Turn your ideas into reality - CNC milling, Printing, Laser Cut/Engraving and much more!

The New Buzz In The Mobile Market - One Plus One Smartphone - http://www.geekycrunch.com/2014/07/the-new-buzz-in-the-mobile-market-one-plus-one-smartphone

Startup company OnePlus has unveiled its first Android smartphone. With high-end features and CyanogenMod the OnePlus One is being touted as the 2014 flagship killer device. That the OnePlus One claims to .

Stone Cottage - rustic - patio - denver - TKP Architects pc

Picture TKP Architects "Mountain Cottage," showing the outdoor Patio with built-in grill station and stone bench.

Fire place. Getting crazy with stones in a mosaic pattern!

wouldnt do it but wow river rock fireplace. Not sure whether to place this in For the Home or Art. Beautiful It reminds me of Van Gogh's Starry Night

Enchanted Forest

Gorgeously rustic and excitingly wonder-filled treehouse is like something out of a fairy tale. The question is would you live here?) This treehouse is in the Enchanted Forest created by Doris an…

I have no hill to build this on, but this is soooo close to what i want!!!!

The Garlock residence — A fabulous Monolithic Dome dream home sitting atop a ledge of the Colorado Rockies.

Bathroom of my dream! Except I would have a big old solid free standing bath with feet and no railing. AMAZING built in rocky wallface and fireplace.

Funny pictures about Stunning Indoor Fireplace and Hot Tub. Oh, and cool pics about Stunning Indoor Fireplace and Hot Tub. Also, Stunning Indoor Fireplace and Hot Tub.