Water Vole in the Pipe

Water Vole in the Pipe. Should a large gush of water come through that pipe he will become an airborne water vole missile headed for the promised land! Make your mark in the world and leave behind a beautiful memory!

For The Pink Lovers . The Cherry River , West West Virginia, USA. For more travel Updates/Offers and Interesting Stuffs be connected to Travel Universally

The Kākā is Calling Sofia Minson Oil Painting New Zealand Artwork

Kiwi (Pohutukawa)

Artwork - Kiwi (Pohutukawa) by Diana Adams

Grazing the Long Arce

Artwork - Grazing the Long Arce by Richard Spranger

This Ancient Land

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Lake Wanaka Marina

Artwork - Lake Wanaka Marina by Jane Guise

Autumn on Lake Wanaka

Artwork - Autumn on Lake Wanaka by Jane Guise


Uemura Shoen was the pseudonym of an important female artist in Meiji, Taishō and early Shōwa period Japanese painting. Her real name was Uemura Tsune.