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moss covered rocks and plants in a white square container with goldfish swimming around them
新しいメダカ飼育の楽しみ方!BON Style(盆スタイル)
新しいメダカ飼育の楽しみ方!BON Style(盆スタイル)
a group of sculptures with plants growing out of them in the shape of rocks and boulders
Modern Masters: Robert Cannon's Terraform Concrete Garden Sculpture
This appeals to me....if it were jutting out of a rock bed surrounded by green lawn..perfectly fun!
there is a box with some plants in it
Concrete Walk to House Planter
This concrete walk to house planter is so cute. I really love this creative idea. #commissionlink #concrete #cement #planter #walktohouse #concretehouse #decor #home #gardening
an artistic sculpture with moss growing out of it
Concrete 2014
Concrete 2014 by Jamie North:
a tall tower with plants growing out of it's sides against a cloudy sky
"Temple of Mars" by Robert Cannon, Utiliterraform Sculpture {Cannon Sculpture}
a brochure with grass growing out of it's mortar and the text de - mystifying sculpture
sculpure workshop
there is a plant growing out of the concrete block that has been placed on the table
Potted Material: Cement, Construction Recycled Waste, Terra, paddy Size: 80×80×35 mm Weight: 0.6 kg Copyright by bentudesign. All rights reserved.粤ICP备14020152号 站长统计
three pieces of green and yellow grass are hanging on the wall next to each other
greenspace moss
I like this moss wall art for a column in the middle of our office. I have a brick column in our workspace. I wanted some unique art for it. I think the moss will contrast well with the red brick. Also, this would be great for corner art.
a bonsai tree in a glass container with rocks and plants
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Tree house terrarium by LivePlatform on Etsy, $625.00
a jar with moss covered face and trees in it
Ancient Goddess Ruins - Fantasy Forest - Terrarium / Diorama. $250.00, via Etsy.
two different views of plants in a glass container on the ground and inside, with rocks below
Princess Pine Terrarium - yes to succulents and levels, no to wood slab
a concrete block with grass growing out of it
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