Re-purposing Cans, bottles & Jars.

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a pair of clothes pins sitting on top of a piece of wood
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a colorful vase sitting on top of a table covered in glass mosaics and paint
DIY Crayon Dripped Candle Holder...
DIY Crayon Dripped Candle Holder...
three bottles with an anchor on them are lined up next to each other and one is empty
Nautical wine bottles ⚓️ Más
pink carnations are in a clear jar with silver glitter on the top and bottom
Press Release: WeddingsAndBrides Acquires KnotsVilla - Weddings & Brides
Simple Beauty...great vase idea to DIY
four small tin canisters sitting on top of a table with the words pretty diy lanterns
Making Lights: DIY Tin Can Lanterns
Tin lanterns...could do red white and green for a Christmas theme.
two red glass jars sitting next to each other on a white cloth covered tablecloth
Etceteras: cranberry glass
color glass jars with mod podge and food coloring. Like this even better than the paint method...great jewel tones.
two mason jars filled with different types of items | The official home for all things Disney
Sewing kits -- so easy! Mason jar, a sewing kit from the dollar store, manicure scissors. Gift idea.
there is a jar that has flowers in it and the words you light up my life
You light up my life!
Altered Jar - gift idea.
a glass bottle with a butterfly on it sitting on top of a table next to flowers
Decorate a Bottle~ vintage style with lace, scrapbook paper, old keys and charms too!
two mason jars with leaves painted on them, one is lit and the other has a candle
cuz i am back and fall leaves are pretty
Modge podge glass, stick leaves on, modge podge again, let dry, stick a candle inside - it's a fall sunset in a jar.
a jar filled with hearts on top of a table
Tissue paper,stamps & mason jar... Personalize with your own saying for a candle
there is a woman bending over to pick something out of the water in a jar
DIY :: Mercury Glass look :: glass jar, spray paint, vinegar, water, paper towel ( )
a woman holding a large metal jar on top of a cement slab in front of her face
Create the Tarnished Silver/Mercury Glass Look With Spray Paint, Water and Vinegar! oh the possibilities...
two tin canisters with candles in them and the words threaded valentine tins
Home and Garden DIY Ideas
threaded valentine s tins, crafts, seasonal holiday d cor, valentines day ideas
purple flowers are in a mason jar on a window sill next to two pictures
Do it Yourself
Easy to make and inexpensive, this super cute craft adds a much needed pop of color to any room. Say hello to sparkly mason jars and glittery flowers!
an arrangement of flowers in a blue and yellow vase sitting on a table next to a painting
Mod Podge Creation Reveal...
Mia Bella Passions: DIY Mod Podge Fabric tin vase with beaded accents.
a glass jar with a candle inside and music notes on the lid, next to christmas ornaments
Peek-a-boo Heart Jar Candle Holder...
Mia Bella Passions: Peek-a-boo Heart Jar Candle Holder...
a candle that is sitting on top of a red table cloth with some candles in it
Cinnamon stick & berry jar candle...
Mia Bella Passions: Cinnamon stick & berry jar candle...
a metal sculpture made to look like a starburst with multiple blades on it
DIY Starburst can flowers...
Mia Bella Passions: DIY Starburst can flowers... Outdoor decor to decorate letterboxes, fences or sheds. tutorial at:
there are many forks and spoons in the cups on the table next to each other
Recycled can cutlery holder
Use recycled cans to make a cutlery holder that can be used for indoor and outdoor entertaining. You can use six cans for cutlery or seven c...