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Rachel Amber Life is Strange
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THE KIDS!!! also wowow this is a huge canvas please full size for better quality! I was gonna post this later in the week because I wont be able to draw for a while but!! i have no way of upl...
chloe price life is strange Plus
LiS Redraw by thiefofstarz on DeviantArt, life is strange, max caulfield, chloe price, pricefield
Max and Chloe
Before the Storm - Crow - Life is Strange 1.5
sakurasx: “[Life is Strange 12 day Challenge] Day 2 / Favorite female character: Chloe Price ”
I'm In a Nightmare - Life is Strange by Myed89 http://myed89.deviantart.com/art/I-m-In-a-Nightmare-Life-is-Strange-538391517