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Credit: @joetherapy GLUTE STRETCH WITH A TWIST! - What's better than the pigeon pose?! The pigeon pose with some thoracic mobility added in DUH! - Working the Glutes Hip Rotators Hip Flexors and T-Spine Rotation on this one! - Here's how to perform the glute stretch ! - Let's start by getting into the pigeon pose! - 1 Start in a push up position and bring your knee forward and place it more or less behind your left wrist. 2 The more parallel your front leg is to the front of the yoga mat (if you
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ere and today we have four different upper back stretches to help you mobilize your thoracic spine in various directions! You want to have the ability to freely move through flexion, extension, and rotation with your upper back, so in today’s post we have drills that address all of these planes of motion!
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Yoga and Stretching Exercises With Correct Form And Satisfying Results -
Puppy Pose Or Uttana Shishosana These puppy poses are amazing for opening the thoracic spine, chest, pecs, lats, abs, triceps, shoulders – basically the front side of the upper body. Tips ✅: • Stay connected to your breath, breathing deeply in and out through the nose. • Slightly pull your navel to spine (about 20-30% …
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The 17 Best Thoracic Spine Stretches - Posture Direct
17 exercises to improve your thoracic spine - Posture Direct
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3 Unique Thoracic Spine Mobility Exercises For Bad Posture
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How To Fix Hunchback Posture - Posture Direct
Having a Hunchback posture (also known as having excessive thoracic kyphosis) can actually make you appear SHORTER! Due to bad posture, the thoracic spine is essentially compressed into FLEXION.THIS MAKES YOU SHORTER! To address this issue, you will need to work on your thoracic EXTENSION. ▪Place both hands high onto a wall. ▪Lean all the way forwards. ▪Aim to feel a "pressing" sensation in your thoracic spine and a stretch in your chest. ▪Hold for 30 seconds.
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Puppy Pose
Puppy Pose are amazing for opening the thoracic spine, chest, pecs, lats, abs, triceps, shoulders
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Today’s @getstretchy stretches are 8️⃣ super yummy Thoracic Spine Stretches!! I’ve been covering backbends all of 2018 (so scroll back in…