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two young men sitting on the floor in front of a wall with hearts drawn on it
an advertisement with two men in suits and one is holding his head to his ear
an article in the japanese magazine, with photos of young men wearing hats and ties
a person standing in front of a white wall wearing a green suit and black shoes
a young man is holding his hands up to his face with plastic clips attached to his mouth
a man sitting on top of a chair smiling
a young man wearing a black jacket and sticking his tongue out
a boy covering his face with a green sweater
a person sitting on the ground with their hands over their head and covering his mouth
a group of young men sitting next to each other
a person with blonde hair and green sweater
a young man making the vulcan sign in front of two other men with clocks on the wall behind him
group of young men posing for photo in office
four people wearing face masks posing for a photo in front of a mirror with the caption, johnny & associates
Hats, Captain Hat