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there are many different colored glasses on the table
Walking 💦🚶‍♀️ Water Kids STEM Experiment
Get ready to be amazed! It's time to see water defy gravity and go for a walk. See my blog for details on how to conduct this experiment and learn about the incredible Capillary Action. Trust us, it's not as complicated as it sounds 😉- all you need is some water, paper towels, and a little bit of magic. Let's get our science on! 🧑‍🔬💦🚶‍♀️
an ice tray with sea animals floating in it and the words frozen arctic plays written below
Frozen Ice 🧊 Polar Bear 🐻‍❄️❄️Arctic Region Sensory Bin for Kids
❄️ Dive into the Frozen Arctic We froze water with a tint of blue (because plain ice is just too boring, right? 😉❄️) and created a hands-on exploration to play and learn about the frigid zone - the Arctic Circle. 🌍Did you know that a polar bear never met a penguin? 💡 How about that Antarctica 🇦🇶 is actually a 🏜️desert! Yes, you heard it right! It's the driest place on Earth, receiving very little rainfall or snowfall. It's also home to the largest ice cap on Earth reaching depths of over 15,000 feet in some place while Arctic ice can be as thin as 10 feet in some places? That's like stacking three polar bears on top of each other! 🐻🐻🐻
❄️Arctic 🐻‍❄️ Animals Fizzing Science🧪 STEM
❄️ Dive into the Arctic STEM taste-safe 🧪 acid-base reaction using everyday ingredients I bet you have handy at your home 🏡
Fizzy 💦Paint 🎨 Kids Sensory STEM where Science 🧪 and creativity meet forces
Dive into the Wonderful World of Fizzy 💦 Painting Where Science and Creativity Join Forces for Fun! 🚀🌟 Imagine this: a timeless science-art fusion that's so captivating, it could turn even the most energetic🌪️little one into a budding Picasso, much to the delight of you everywhere earning for a cup of warm (not ice) coffee ☕️ in peace🧘‍♀️ ! ✅ This activity is #toddler -approved as it is made with just two ingredients! It's so safe, even the family dog might want to dip its paw in. 🐶🐾 But remember, "taste-safe" doesn't mean it's a gourmet feast! 🍔🙅‍♀️ ✅ Got a #preschooler ? Add waterproof alphabet, numbers, or shapes, and watch as they transform it into an exhilarating 🔍treasure hunt, more thrilling than a squirrel on a quest for buried acorns! 🐿️🕵️ ✅ And for the older kids,
💎✨ Sparkles, Science, and ❤️Valentines🔬Fun
Behold the magic as we turn ordinary red pipe cleaners into heart-shaped crystal wonders that'll make your kiddos' hearts skip a beat with awe and wonder! Now, I know it's only January 16, and I'm giving you ample time to grow these crystals for the love of science (and maybe a touch of Valentine's Day prep too). ❤️ Who said science couldn't be both mind-boggling and heart-melting? So, whether you're a homeschooling maestro or a rookie in the world of science experiments, 🔮check my blog where I'll spill the beans with all the step-by-step details! Let's make learning FUN and sparkly for the kiddos because, for love and for science sake, why not?! 💫
🍂🧪Fizzy Leaves: Where Safety Meets Fun!
🧫 Kid-Friendly Ingredients: This Fizzy Leaves experiment is crafted from food-safe ingredients that you'd find in your kitchen, like baking soda and vinegar. No mysterious or harmful chemicals here! 🍽️🥄 🧼 Easy Cleanup: Since everything is food-safe, cleanup is a breeze. Just rinse with water, and you're good to go. No need for hazmat suits or complicated cleaning routines. 🚿💦 👶 Safe for All Ages: I believe science knows no age limit! Fizzy Leaves is designed to be safe for even the tinies
Carnations 🌈 Capillary Action
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🧊 Frozen 🥶 Dinosaurs 🦖 Eggs 🥚Kids STEM! Details on the blog 📜link in notes
the earth day activity book is shown on a wooden surface with other activities to help kids learn
Earth 🌍 day activity pack
Grab this freebie following the link below
🌈Color Mixing Fizzy Painting Kids Science Experiment 🧫details on the blog🔗link in notes
DIY Lava Lamp Kids Science 🧫details on the blog 🔗link under notes
Elephant 🐘 Toothpaste Kids Science 🧪 Experiment. Details on the blog 📎link under the notes.
🧪Fizzy 🍂Leaves Kids Science STEM experiment. Details on my blog link under notes