Sensorial Activities

Stimulating the 5 senses: touch/tactile, hearing/auditory, sight/visual, taste and smell/afactory
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Paint 🎨 samples shade matching activity
an ocean scene made out of play dough and plastic sea animals on a blue tray
two hands holding popsicle shapes with the words paint samples shade match in front of them
Paint Samples Shade Matching DIY
a bowl filled with lots of different colored rocks
Montessori From The Heart
Dyed Salt Taste-Safe Sensory Bin
❄️ Frozen 🧊 Arctic 🐻‍❄️ Kids Sensory Bin
a table topped with lots of toy animals on top of snow covered ground next to cards
🦌🐇Sensory Play Meets Winter 🐾 Animal Tracks ❄️Footprints in Snow play dough
Chilly paws and frosty hooves, this snow play-dough knows how to leave a mark! ❄️🐾 Watch as mini-explorers create a winter wonderland right at home, stamping forest animal tracks in pristine white play-dough. It's a creative adventure where their imagination meets the serene wilderness inhabited by cuddly deer and bouncy bunnies! So, calling all explorers, aged 2-6, are on a snowy adventure, imprinting animal tracks in play-dough. It's hands-on learning disguised as FUN! 🦌🐇 🐿️ The best part? They're having a blast and don't even realize they're soaking up knowledge like little sponges! 🧽🧠 Oh, and by the way, this post went absolutely viral on 📌 Pinterest! But we're not here to celebrate; we're here to invite you to try this Montessori-inspired activity. And, grab the taste-safe pla
⛸️Spinning 🧊 frozen 🐧penguins
Introducing our spinning frozen penguins —penguins twirling, gliding, and maybe attempting a triple axel (or, well, a wobbly waddle-twirl) on the icy dance floor. It's a spectacle that could even make the coldest of hearts melt (pun intended, of course!) Spinning a penguin isn't just about the fun—it's a sneaky way to boost wrist strength in kids while developing motor skills and refining coordination. As they give that little twirl, they're actually giving their wrist muscles a workout, gradually building the strength and control required for future writing and other essential tasks. And, beyond muscles, it's a sensory adventure too, offering feedback to their brains and improving their body awareness. Best part? They won't even realize they're flexing those muscles—they'll just be hav
🦕🥚 Taste-Safe No-Cook Dino Eggs: A Pok Pok-Inspired Sensory Adventure!
📣GET f r e e 7-day trial 🥳You are not going to believe this no-cook no-freeze 🥶 recipe with simple ingredients to create eggs 🥚 so sturdy you‘ll need a hammer to crack them open! *📣Full details👇 below* Let's face it, while crafting with kids is amazing; sometimes you need that on-the-go, mess-free option that you can still feel good about as a parent. I recently discovered @playpokpok and it isn't your typical app. It is a collection of non-addictive, Montessori-inspired “digital toys” that spark creativity, encourage memory, language development and a deeper understanding of our world. Each toy is a unique learning journey, and the app reflects the diversity of my son’s real playroom at home! 🌟🧩 My son absolutely loves Pok Pok’s Dinosaur to
2 Ingredient ❄️ DIY Fake Snow Best Recipe ☃️
❄️ 2-Ingredient ☃️Snow recipe On my blog get the 📝recipe and find out the secret ingredient that makes the snow fluffy, and eliminates the sticky lotion feeling😉 ‌ Allow me to introduce the ultimate recipe – and you can tweak it for any holiday or season! Let’s stir up a snowy surprise! ❄️☃️ ‌ ❄️ Meet the laziest snowman ever – just 2 ingredients and he’s ready to chill like a pro! 🤙 No snow required, just a sprinkle of magic! ✨ ‌ We’ve experimented with tons of recipes, but this one takes the cake. It’s simple too, and chances are, you’ve got the ingredients within arm’s reach. ‌
the autumn printables are arranged on top of each other
🍂Fall into Fun with this 🎁Freebie I made for YOU!
🍁 Let the learning adventures begin! Click the link below to download it
a child's hand is playing with popsicle crafts
DIY 🙌Tactile Craft Sticks
🌟 Unlocking Sensory Exploration during the Early Years! ✨ ‌ Ready to take your little one's playtime to sensory wonderland? 🎉 ‌ 🌈 Let's transform everyday items into tactile marvels! 🎨💫 And guess what? Hot glue is our secret ingredient since we don't want any loose items ending up in your child's mouth!🤭 ‌ These DIY tactile craft sticks are like texture superheroes, inviting tiny hands to explore a sensory wonderland. The roughness of the beans, the smoothness of the feathers, and the gent
2-Ingredient Fake Snow ❄️ Recipe on the blog ☃️Sensory Play
Get the “DIY snow” recipe and find out the secret ingredient that makes the snow fluffy, and eliminates the sticky lotion feeling. ▫️▫️▫️▫️ ⠀ ☃️❄️ Christmas in July just got cooler! 🎄☀️ Forget the sunscreen, we've got snowmen to build! ☀️🎄 ❄️🎄 Who says we can't have a little winter wonderland fun in the summer? ❄️😎 Introducing the laziest snowman ever – just 2 ingredients and he's ready to chill! 🤙 Trust me, we experimented with so many recipes and this one is the best! ⠀ The recipe so simp