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a number line with six different words on it and the numbers in each row below
⭐️ Montessori SENSITIVE PERIODS 🪄of the Absorbent Mind
⭐️ SENSITIVE PERIODS 🪄 Do we need to worry about the ⏳timing and 🤔 What are these magical windows 🪟 of opportunity? Details on the blog 👇
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the montesso 3 - hour work cycle is shown in this graphic, and shows how it
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Maria Montessori observed that children, when left to work freely, would work in a distinct work cycle. Following this observation, some of the directress of the Rome Children’s Houses, witnessed that the cycle with two peaks and one valley would last for approximately three hours. #montessori
an image of a child's brain with the words 90 % of a child's brain developing by age of 6
90% of 🧠 Growth Happens BEFORE #Kindergarten!
From birth to age 5, a child’s brain develops MORE than at any other time in life AND at least one million NEW neural connections (synapses) are made every second, MORE than at any other time in life. #montessori
Kids Daily Visual Routine Cards - Montessori From The Heart
Children benefit greatly from a routine and predictability, especially during the sensitive period order. #toddler #montessori #dailyschedule #kidsactivities
Seaside Summer Activity Pack | Montessori From The Heart
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montessori story learning kits made with lovey ready to ship
Montessori Sensory Learning Kits
Montessori sensorial learning kits are designed for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners to advance fine motor control, language development and creativity through play #montessori #montessoritoddler #sensoryplay #sensoryactivities #sensory #preschool #homeschool