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a little boy dressed in a blue and black robe holding a staff with an umbrella
Lichtgrau Polypropylen160 230 X Inoutdoorteppich Breeze Cm AR4j5L
Shepherd Boy - Children's Biblical Costume
biblical times women's clothing - Google Search Biblical Dress, Bible Costumes, Bible Clothing, Jewish Clothing, Biblical Clothing, Live Nativity, Hebrew Clothing, Biblical Times
biblical times women's clothing - Google Search
two men dressed in native garb are walking along the shore with their donkeys
:| The nativity story film
Heading for Bethlehem - Mary, the living tabernacle, carries the Bread of Life in her womb.
a mannequin wearing a black and white dress with multicolored stripes on it
Jewish Attire
Traditional Jewish women's dress- It is so pretty. I want to make an "Evie" version...
an old man riding on the back of a donkey next to a tree and dirt ground
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Native of Bethlehem on his Donkey @1890
an old fashioned kitchen with pots and pans
Ancient Israelite House
Ancient Israelite House
an image of a wooden structure with snowflakes on the roof and stars around it
For Christmas series. Make the entire stage a manger with upcycled pallets. Cut out big baby animals with cardboard and staple pictures onto shapes
an old room with a table, chair and other items on the floor in it
19 – Nazareth Village
19 – Nazareth Village » linear concepts
a man is walking through some rocks
Stone Manager Like Jesus Was Laid In When He Was Born In Bethlehem, Israel...Photo By Lilly Jordan
there is a stone wall with pots and vases on the shelves in arabic writing
Cooking utensils from an ancient Hebrew home in Nazareth.
a wooden structure sitting in the middle of a grass field next to a lawn chair
Stable and manger made from old pallets, this was the place the Savior was born in Bethlehem on our set! Live Nativity Production titled: "Journey to Bethlehem" December 2015 Sardis Baptist Church, Chattahoochee Hills Ga
a woman sitting in front of a basket filled with food on top of a table
Israel travel for families and homeschoolers
The weaver at Nazareth Village
two men are walking with sheep down a dirt path in the desert, while another man is standing next to them
Go to Nazareth & Israel