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an old woman is playing with a hula hoop
Arlene Gottfried’s New York, Through the Eyes of Her Brother Gilbert Gottfried
The work of the late photographer summons a family that’s fading into the past and, with it, a city that’s been priced out of its own identity.
a man jumping into the water with his arms in the air while wearing shorts and socks
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an old woman looking through binoculars with her eyes wide open
Artist Explores His 91-Year-Old Mother’s Playfulness in Sweetly Surreal Collaboration
Vogue, Lady, Olds, Pretty People, Madame, Live Life, Cool Kids, Girl
two older women standing next to each other on a brick sidewalk in front of tables and umbrellas
Estudo conclui que dançar é a maneira mais efetiva de prevenir o Alzheimer
an older woman with white hair and glasses posing in front of a pink background holding her hands to her face
an old man wearing a sombrero on his head in front of some grass
an old man wearing glasses and a suit with a yellow tie in front of a tall building
Lunchtime Portraits: The Passing Parade
an old man wearing glasses and a blue shirt
Up close with an eccentric and colourful cast of 70s passers-by, courtesy of Charles Traub
an older couple eating ice cream together
Love and Laughter: The Top Funny Couples of 2024
an older woman holding an umbrella and standing next to a man on a skateboard
You're Only As Old As You Feel
You're Only As Old As You Feel
an old man and woman eating ice cream while sitting in a convertible car with the caption, forever young at heart