Going Vegan, Cold Turkey || How do you transition to a radically different diet when you’re cooking for the family — including kids who may only be at your house part-time? Must you drag everyone along with you on your dietary journey? Are you doomed to fail because it’s such a major hassle? Read more... http://mendingthenest.com/going-vegan-cold-turkey/

Let’s Talk Basil || Fresh basil is a great addition to most any pasta dish, right before you serve it. It’s one of the three ingredients required to make the beautifully simple and delicious Read more... http://mendingthenest.com/lets-talk-basil/

Mushroom Alfredo || When I signed up to share my recipes with Mending the Nest, it didn’t exactly occur to me that the “cooking” tab would be under the “health” tab. To me, cooking has always been about passion, and it’s the only hobby I don’t habitually abandon. Read more... http://mendingthenest.com/mushroom-alfredo/

Chocolate Zucchini Loaf… || … Or, Why My Children Have Trust Issues As far as food-food goes, I have some picky eaters. The only actual food all four of our kids will eat is cucumber. Cucumber. That’s it. However, when sweets are concerned they’re a bit more indiscriminate. Read more... http://mendingthenest.com/chocolate-zucchini-loaf/

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