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Older Women Short to Medium Hair

Grown out a little bit. How do you feel about shag haircuts? I think it wld b a great style update for u! Basically it's face-framing volume.

caramel ombre highlights for dark brown hair

caramel ombre highlights for dark brown hair

Trickle Down DID NOT WORK under Reagan - IT WILL NOT WORK FOR TRUMP NOW!! Wake Up Trumpets!!

The Best Funny Pictures Of Today's Internet


ZODIAC SIGNS and BEING DRUNK Capricorn True! Pisces This is exactly why I stick to my limit of one glass without food and two with! However a true Pisces can get drunk on the atmosphere alone, so who needs alcohol ?

Portrait of 4years old Istvan Reiner, (taken shortly before he was killed in Auschwitz), 1944. It's heart-breaking how happy the little guy looks.

istvan reiner, before he was killed in auschwitz . other inmates convinced his mother to give him to his grandmother and go through selection alone . she was chosen for forced labor and survived the war . istvan and his grandmother were gassed