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a black wall with white stars on it and a straw bag hanging from the top
Matariki - Maori New Year
Library Displays: Matariki - New Zealand
there is a bag with stars on it and the words, constellation sensory bag
Starry Night Sensory Bag
Our Preschool Study of the Stars continues with constellation-inspired sensory play. The Constellation Sensory Bag is a great way to provide hands on learning about the night sky, perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. A great fine motor skill challenge,
some posters are hanging on the wall in front of each other with different colors and shapes
Maori language resources for Early Childhood Education
two bottles filled with glitter and stars on top of a white countertop next to the words star gazing discovery bottle
Galaxy Sensory Bottles for Preschool
Star Gazing Discovery Bottles. These star discovery bottles are perfect for a space theme in your preschool or kindergarten classroom! Kids love to shake and look at the night sky in the bottles. Put these in your science center for learning and fun! - Pre-K Pages
lemon star cookies are arranged on a plate
Summer lemon star cookies and a winner - saffronstreaks
Summer lemon star cookies and a winner
an art project for kids to do with paint the night sky, and then put it on
Invitation to Paint the Night Sky - Munchkins and Moms
Invite kids to paint the starry night sky with this simple process art activity!
a bag with stars on it sitting on top of a table
Ko te whānau o Matariki: Matariki education resource 2015 – Part 2 | Te Papa’s Blog
During the coldest time each year the Matariki star cluster comes rising up for the first time in the eastern sky. This occurrence marks the beginning of an important time of year – the Māori New Year. In this series of blogs, Te Papa Education hopes to introduce you to each of the seven members of this star whānau, from the …
a bulletin board with many different stars on it
matariki art ideas
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a person holding an object in their hand with the caption galaxy dough on it
Galaxy Dough Recipe
GALAXY DOUGH is super smooth, ultra sparkly, & really stretchy. This no cook recipe takes seconds to make & is so FUN! My kids played four hours!
a piece of driftwood with stars hanging from it's sides on a white wall
9 Marvellous Matariki Crafts for Kids
As we approach Matariki, there are some wonderful Matariki crafts you can do with your children to celebrate.