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an image of a man and woman kissing in front of sheet music with the words everything
The third Songbird Novel has an excellent soundtrack and one of my favorite book boyfriends - Leo *swoon*
the mask series poker face by melissa peael cover reveal, review and giveaway
Poker Face (Masks, #4) The conclusion to this series is really intense and heart-wrenching, but I guess it makes the sweet moments that much more precious.
the cover for snake eyes by melissa peal, with blue nail polish on her face
Snake Eyes (Masks, #3) The story really heats up for Caity and Eric. This is my favorite book in the series.
the cover for two faced by melissa peal, with a woman's face painted white and flowers in her hair
Two-Faced (The Masks, #2) - shifts this series from YA to NA as Caity starts college and has to deal with some pretty serious issues.
a man and woman standing next to each other in front of a white background with the words bulletproof
Bulletproof (Songbird, #2)
The 2nd Songbird Novel and another pleasure to write. I LOVE the music in this book!
the book cover for seme free is shown
Set Me Free (A Fugitive #2)
Set Me Free (A Fugitive #2) - the exciting conclusion to Lucy & Zach's story. I love the characters in this series so much, I'm going to write two more books - coming in 2015.
a man and woman embracing each other in front of a blue background with the words fever
The 1st Songbird Novel. I had so much fun writing this one!
the cover of i know lucky by mellisa pearll, with an image of a woman's hair blowing in the wind
YA Romantic Suspense. Purchase on Amazon today :)
the mask series true colors by melissa peael book cover art and title design
Due for release Feb 16h, 2014
an image of the cover for unleashed
Unleashed (The Elements Trilogy, #3)
The new cover for Unleashed. This is my favourite of the trilogy! I just love it. Again - designed by Kelly Walker :)
an image of a woman with her hands on her head and the words unseen, the elements
Unseen (The Elements Trilogy, #2)
The new cover for Unseen. Designed by Kelly Walker :)
the book cover for unknown by melissa pari, featuring an image of a woman holding
Unknown (The Elements Trilogy, #1)
The new Unknown cover for The Elements Trilogy. Designed by Kelly Walker :)
the movie poster for beyond with two people kissing each other
Beyond (Betwixt Novella #1.5)
The story of Dale and Nicole continues. Squee!! How I love these two :)
a man sitting on the ground with his head in his hands and people standing behind him
Just released!!
the cover of unleashed by melissa peal, with flames in front of her face
Unleashed (The Elements Trilogy, #3)
The final book in The Elements Trilogy is due out in August 2013. You can watch the trilogy book trailer here: