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Hanging Jellyfish       Tuesday, 10 July 2012       « Monday Funday: Monogrammed Antiqued Phot... | Main | Web Wednesday: Apple Barrel Wind Chimes »     Tuesday Tutorial: Kids Decor Hanging Jellyfish - yellow acrylic paint, Water bottle, Sponge brush, Hole puncher, yellow and orange ribbon, Two large wiggle eyes, scissors, craft glue

Hanging Jellyfish-Water bottle Sponge brush Hole puncher Seven ribbons - yellow Six Ribbons - orange Two large wiggle eyes Craft knife or scissors (adults only) Glue

Educational FUN! Science (Recycled art-caring for the planet); Writing (Use art as prompt for descriptive or informational writing about penguins... or use the craft as the main character of a story in narrative writing... the list goes on!

Your students will think that these penguin projects are "COOL!" Use water bottles, cotton balls, wiggly eyes, and construction paper to create these cute winter penguins. *Could even do some Penguin bowling