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some symbols are shown in black and white for the user to see on their website
there is a sign on the wall that says lifts and 3 green side with numbers
southbank centre | fwdesign
fwdesign: wayfinding & design consultants | southbank centre
people walking through an airport lobby with signs on the wall
WTC Signage & Wayfinding System
WTC Signage & Wayfinding System on Behance
there is a sign on the wall that says office architecture and design, with arrows pointing in different directions
Unikit on Behance
four different colored labels on a white wall with arrows pointing to the left and right
Carlton Learning Precinct Signage — Nexus Designs – Multidisciplinary Design Studio
three signs on the wall pointing to different areas in an office building with doors open
Covenant House New York (CHNY)
Wayfinding at Covenant House New York (CHNY) in New York City.
two business cards with the number 924 and the word work on them are shown
Work - Business Workspace Branding & Identity
Work - Business Workspace Branding & Identity on Behance
an overhead view of various materials including wood, metal and concrete with a plant in the center
MOODBOARD neutro acolhedor
Inspiração na paleta neutra, com personalidade e acolhimento.
a collage of white and neutrals in a bedroom
Scandinavian Mood Board
Scandinavian vibes for days. Mood board created by: D. Richardson Designs