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five math games to play with uno cards
5 Math Games To Play with UNO Cards - Primary Playground
a red bulletin board with instructions on how to fold dollar bills and other money notes
Fractions of a Dollar – Teacher Trap
Fractions of a dollar. Relating fractions ( and equivalent fractions, example, quarter) to money which is familiar.
a roll and make board game sitting on top of a table
Roll and Make Whole (Adding Fractions Board Game)
Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational: Roll and Make Whole (Adding Fractions Board Game)
the first to 50 fractions and groups card game is shown with coins scattered around it
First to 50 (Fractions of Groups Game)
First to 50. Free printable card game for kids to practice solving fractions of groups problems. Three levels of difficulty.
two pieces of paper with numbers on them
Fantastic Fraction Accommodation
Students often struggle with trying to find common denominators when adding or subtracting fractions. Carol Gillis, a special education teacher in Webster, NY, developed this creative accommodation...
an image of different colored glasses with numbers on each one and the same number in each glass
Musical Fractions
Musical Fractions - fun math
the dice game is being held up in front of a sign that says dice games
Year End Gifts
End of the year dice/card games to give kids
some type of poem that is written in two different languages, including the words'meh scaveger hunt'and'math hunt '
Math Scavenger Hunt.pdf
Math Scavenger Hunt.pdf
a white clock with green leaves and numbers on it
Maths Displays
Teaching Maths with Meaning: Maths Displays.. Pero en español
a clock mounted to the side of a wall covered in notes and magnets on it
Teacher Blog Spot
Love this, especially for 2nd or 3rd grade! Love the idea of turning the clock area into a teaching background. Gonna use this idea o teach military time.
an orange poster with the words keep calm and carry the one in white on it
Welcome to the store
We love math!
three different colored sticky notes sitting on top of a desk next to an envelope with the word fashion - supply written on it
Fraction Activities
Games in Math Class!! 3 activities that will help students practice multiplying and dividing fractions!!
the words i love u are surrounded by money
Million Dollar Project
Million Dollar Project for Pre-Algebra...I DID THIS IN 6TH GRADE!!!!!It wa sby far the funnest math project EVER!!!! =)