Polka dot Spot Circle art craft class

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two children are playing with colorful circles on the wall and another child is holding up a piece of paper
DIY Kandinsky Circles Felt Board. Fun interactive art project for kids with colorful variations they can design over and again. Plus great activity for scissor cutting and fine motor skills.
an abstract painting with circles and dots
Q-Tips.... Pointillism, 5th grade.. Dots upon...
Q-Tips.... Pointillism, 5th grade.. Dots upon dots, circles upon circles, maybe do color families
a roll of red pom - pom ribbon with tassels on it
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Semco Global Tribe Pom Pom
a cell phone with an ad for confetti balloon cake toppers
an instagram page with a ladybug bag and pins
two orange and white starfishs laying on rocks
Leave Me Alone
felt crafts with starfish
colorful paper circles are arranged on a white board
365 / 212 - 320 pieces of Felt
Kandinsky felt
colorful confetti sprinkles are coming out of a roll of toilet paper
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Washi Tape Beautiful Washi Tape Color Polka Dot by PokemonGarden
a roll of washi tape with multicolored dots on it
Rainbow Washi Tape Spotty Washi Tape Rainbow Spotty Washi | Etsy UK
Caneta esferográfica, ponta 1.0mm, com tampa, corpo na cor da tinta. “Contém certificado Inmetro”
two pencils are sitting next to each other with colored dots on them and one has a rubber band around it
Washi tape UK
Versatile Japanese masking tape. This tape tears easily, is low-tack and removable, giving it many crafting opportunities.2 rolls per set. Each roll is 10m long.
a pink and white polka dot tape on a white background with the words duck tape
Polka dot tape! Cuteness.
sprinkles are scattered around a wooden spoon with the word sugar on it
Triple Stack Donut Cake - Sprinkle Bakes
Triple Stack Donut Cake | Sprinkle Bakes