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the mountains are reflected in the still water on the lake's surface, while the sky is blue with white wispy clouds
THE JOURNEY. Driving one morning in the Catlins between Waipapa Point lighthouse and McLean Falls on a random back country road, I came upon this incredible scene in golden morning light. The estuary was like glass and the shades of the gently rolling hills stood out. A moment where the journey was equally as enjoyable as the destination. . . #nz #newzealand #nzmustdo #reflectiongram #splendid_reflections #reflecting_perfection #bns_reflection #loves_reflections #ic_reflections #reflection_shotz
black and white photograph of mountains with trees in the foreground on a foggy day
LAYERS. It’s rare for me to post a Black & White shot but this shot suits monochrome and landscape orientation far more than it does vertical and in colour. Layer upon layer of Coromandel hills lead to Castle Rock (aka The Sleeping Giant) in the late evening light. Love to know what you think! . . 📷 Sony A7RIV + 70-300 lens 📸: 1/320 sec f/11 ISO 100 @kasefiltersnz K9 100mm Magnetic CPL & 0.9 GND . . #bnwphotography #bnw_greatshots #bnwsouls #thecoromandel #newzealand #nz #nzmustdo #mountain
the night sky is filled with star trails over a body of water and a dock
SPINNING💫. It’s amazing to see 2 hours of the Earth’s rotation captured on camera. Star trails are a newfound passion of mine, but the weather this month for astro has been decidedly average. Last night for just one night everything aligned: clear skies, calm water at Lake Karapiro bar the odd movement wobble, and an uncharacteristically warm winter night. It was the worth the late night and huge bowl of coffee required to get me going again this morning ☕️ . . 📷 Sony A7RIV +16-35 f/2.8 lens.
a lake surrounded by mountains in the middle of nowhere
ARE THESE NZ’S BEST VIEWS? What do you reckon...... I honestly think the flight from Queenstown to Milford Sound is the biggest bang for buck scenery you could ever hope to experience in one short flight, and there are plenty of flight deals to be had this winter if you are headed down south... for more jaw-dropping scenery read the full post in my blog. Link In bio! . . Thanks to @glenorchyair for the amazing ride! . #NZ #NewZealand #NZMustDo #milfordtrack #fiordland #mountains #mountainlife #
the sun is setting over an ocean with rocks in the foreground and a mountain in the background
DISSIPATE. If I told you that half an hour before sunset the clouds were already lit up heavy with the promise of an epic sunset, would you believe me? The ol’ photographer’s curse of clouds all but disappearing in the last few moments before sunset strikes AGAIN. Instead I had to make do with some interesting rocks and swirling waves while shaking my fist at the clouds moving away at lightning speed. You win some.....! . . 📷 @sonynz A7RIV and 16-35 f/2.8 GM lens 📸 8 seconds f/8 ISO 100 @kase
an aerial view of several small islands in the ocean with grass and rocks on either side
COASTLINE. I just 💙 how varied and unique NZ’s 15,000 km of coastline is, with beauty to be found around every corner in every bay. Spot the lone tree just casually hanging out on the cliff edge too, he’s got a pretty great view 🌳 . . #NZ #NewZealand #NZMustDo #newzealandvacations #metservice #newzealandguide #picture_to_keep #sky_sultans #loves_skyandsunset #sky_brilliance #skymasters_family #sky_perfection #sky_captures #earthoutdoors #explorewithfriends #global_hotshotz #ig_worldclub #igre
birds are flying over the road in front of a snow - covered mountain range at sunset
TIMING. All was silent in the mountain twilight except for the call of a flock of Canadian geese flying overhead. A pretty special moment to witness and capture! . 📷 Sony A7RII + 70-300 lens 📸: 1/160 sec f/7.1 ISO 100 . #nz #newzealand #nzmustdo #mountain #mountcook #mountaintop #mountain_world #birds #mountainlove #sunset #mountaingirls #mackenzienz #christchurchnz #bns_mountains #awesomeglobe #mountainview #travelnewzealand #nature #nature_lovers #nature_sultans #nature_shooters #nature_wiza
the sun is shining through the trees in the forest
QUIET FOREST. I’m always amazed by the deep silence that envelopes me in the forest, it’s somehow both eerie and welcoming like a warm hug from an old friend. Spending time here is so good for the soul. How does the forest make you feel?? . . #NZ #NewZealand #nzmustdo #forest_masters #rotoruanz #newzealandguide #destinationnz #middleearth #earthoutdoors #explorewithfriends #trees #global_hotshotz #ig_worldclub #igrefined #outdoortones #feedbacknation #exploringtheglobe #earth_magic #igscglobal #
a large rock sticking out of the ocean next to a beach at sunset or dawn
LESS IS MORE. Some mornings I long for colourful skies but on other mornings the view just speaks for itself. . . 📷 Sony A7RIV and 16-35 f/2.8 lens 📸: 30 sec f/11 ISO 100 @kasefiltersnz K9 100mm Magnetic CPL & 0.9 GND + ND64 . #NZ #NewZealand #NZMustDo #newzealandvacations #cathedralcove #newzealandguide #thecoromandel #lifeofnewzealand #picture_to_keep #longexpolite #loves_skyandsunset #sky_brilliance #long_exposure #skymasters_family #sky_perfection #sky_captures #explorewithfriends #igbest
the sun shines through the misty water as it pours into a river
POLARISING. The rays at this steamy waterfall were so incredible, but I was also fascinated by the difference using my @kasefiltersnz polariser made to the scene. Normally I use a polariser around any water scenes to reduce reflections, but in this instance I actually prefer the first image with the light reflections, it’s great to have the option to choose which best suits the scene! Which do you prefer? —————————————— As the official distributor of @kasefiltersnz in NZ, if you are in the marke
the night sky is filled with stars above mountains and icebergs, as seen from an icy lake
O STARRY NIGHT ✨✨ Standing amongst the silent icebergs at Tasman Glacier Lake on a completely still and eerily calm winter’s night is an unbelievable experience! Until today I hadn’t given this image its dues, but after trying out Starry Landscape Stacker with 10 images to reduce the noise which exists in all night shots taken at a high ISO, I’m mighty impressed with the result. Kinda wondering why I didn’t learn how to stack Star shots eons ago 🤪✨ . . 📷 Sony A7RII and 16-35 f/2.8 lens 📸: 15
the sun is setting over some mountains and valleys in new zealand's north island
A GREAT WALK. There’s never been a better time for Kiwis to hike one of NZ’s Great Walks since we are unlikely to compete with international tourists for space on the tracks this summer. The Routeburn Track is an epic 3 day walk with a huge variety of scenery and every Kiwi should have the chance to experience it. I’ve put together my TOP 9 TIPS FOR WALKING THE ROUTEBURN TRACK - hopefully it might give you the inspiration to get out amongst nature or you can just read it to vicariously enjoy th
an aerial view of a road in the middle of a green field with lots of trees
PERSPECTIVE. There’s something rather wonderful about seeing the world differently. This is just a random park in my hometown, Cambridge in NZ, but it looks so cool from above.... the patterns, the autumn colours... birds definitely get the best view right?! I’m loving trying out the new Mavic Air 2 from @djiferntech this weekend, dodging the rain and wind to get it airborne. With the best battery life of any Mavic Drone at 34 mins and a 48 MP high res shooting mode, I was impressed the minute i
a beautiful sunset over the ocean and cliffs
COTTON CANDY. The perfect sunset over NZ’s infinite coastline. Never could tire of a view like this 💕.... Happy Long Weekend to everyone in NZ, who’s going exploring?! . . 📷 Sony A7RII and 16-35 f/2.8 lens 📸: 30 sec f/7.1 ISO 200 . . #NZ #NewZealand #NZMustDo #newzealandvacations #metservice #newzealandguide #destinationnz #lifeofnewzealand #picture_to_keep #sky_sultans #loves_skyandsunset #sky_brilliance #skymasters_family #sky_perfection #sky_captures #earthoutdoors #explorewithfriends #ig
a river running through a lush green forest filled with rocks and trees, next to tall rock formations covered in mossy vegetation
HIDDEN. How often do you wonder how many unique locations lie undiscovered in the deepest, darkest places on Earth? I have no doubt there could still be incredible and untouched places even here in New Zealand and while half of me wishes I could see them, the other half of me is quite happy to think that they are left well alone. Where’s the most unique spot you’ve visited? . 📷 @sonynz A7RIV and 16-35 f/2.8 GM lens 📸 1 second f/14 ISO 50 @kasefiltersglobal CPL . #NZ #NewZealand #NZMustDo #wa