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a red lipstick with a ring on the top and a black handle to hold it
feminism photography | Tumblr
feminism photography | Tumblr
two people standing in front of a window with rain drops on them and one person holding an umbrella
Screen Series -> Matthew Tischler
the reflection of two people walking on an airport tarmac as seen through a window
Saul Leiter | Photography Artist
Photo by Saul Leiter, 1956, Red Curtain.
some pink flowers with a quote on the bottom saying restore unto the joy of thy salvation and upholstered me with my free spirit
Gorgeous romantic fine art photography by @Fellow Fellow weston
black and white photograph of person walking on the floor with an object in his hand
Ralph Gibson is a master of dramatic understatement. His high-contrast pictures - usually focusing on one geometric element (the corner of a room) or a single human gesture (the curve of a hand) - form a kind of dream-narrative when gathered together.
a building is reflected in the puddle of water
Black & White
varietas: André Kertész: Puddle, Empire State Building, 1967
three different shots of someone's feet in the sand and water at the beach
Uta Barth -- ... to walk without destination and to see only to see. (Untitled 10.6) 2010 3 inkjet prints in lacquered aluminum frames __ tanya bonakdar gallery :: artists
two red ladybugs sitting on top of a green plant
quick lens action shot and macro setting paired together to create one breathtaking image.
an empty room with white walls and floor
Uta Barth
blurry photograph of street lights in the rain
Nat Castaneda
uta barth
a blurry photo of some food on a plate
Uta Barth
a blurry photo of some food on a plate
Uta Barth's pictures
uta barth
a cat sitting on top of a window sill in front of a white curtain
Untitled (2012.LE) from "...and to draw a bright white line with light", Uta Barth |
Uta Barth, Untitled (2012.LE) from "...and to draw a bright white line with light", 2012
a bird perched on top of a tree branch
photo by Uta Barth
an airplane is flying in the sky above some trees with no leaves or branches on it
an open book with water in it and the words plain or sparkling?
Irving Penn | Two Glasses of Water (B), New York (1970) | MutualArt
Irving Penn - Two Glasses of Water
dried plant stems against a white background with clippings to the bottom left side
seed-pods-1 Flowers, Floral, Flores, Dekorasyon, Bloemen, Naturaleza, Dried, Dried Flowers
an assortment of items laid out on top of a white table with a camera and other things
{project2012 - the photographer's tools}
a close up of a wooden object with wavy lines on it's sides and bottom
Bae Se-hwa - from his furniture series titled: steam
Inspire @ Maxton Men
a bunch of wooden strips are arranged in a circle
Still life, use of light to create shadows inside
a white table with a light hanging from it's center and two lights on each side
Still Life*
Still Life* - Jennilee Marigomen
a black and white photo of tin cans on a table with other items around it
The Ship That Flew
Florence Henri, Still Life (Tin Can and Shell), about 1932, gelatin silver print
a woman holding a mirror in front of her face
Amiko Kavtaradze
train tracks in the fog on a cloudy day
Now ...
an open window with sheer curtains and the ocean in the background is seen through it
rows of empty seats on a public transit bus, taken from inside the vehicle door
An entry from l'enfer, c'est les autres
black and white photograph of two women looking at each other from a window with train tracks in the background
coffee stained cashmere
the bark of a tree is green and white
Bare Valour tree bark, Nice, France
the words faith - hope - love are written in white and purple flowers
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{ flower }
a woman wearing sunglasses standing in front of a white wall with long blonde hair and bright yellow dress
I wish I could wear yellow. Just doesn't go well with my everything. But a girl can dream!
pennant flags - this would be pretty at a beach wedding reception, blowing in the breeze Sky, Lights, Iphone Wallpaper, Wallpaper, Mood Board, Pinterest
pennant flags - this would be pretty at a beach wedding reception, blowing in the breeze
the reflection of trees and water in a red glass window at an abandoned building on a cold winter's day
Philip Johnson’s Glass House Photographed Using Color Filters - Feature Shoot
beautiful colour filtered Glass House (arch. Philip Johnson / photog. James Welling)
purple flowers against a white background
James Welling
the sun shines brightly in front of a park with benches and trees on either side
Seeing Things | Welling and Whiteread In L.A.
James Welling, Glass House (Philip Johnson)
the sun shines through leaves and branches on a white sky background in this artistic photo
Luke vs. Depression
Flower 21, 2006 - James Welling [Chromogenic Photogram]
several different colored glasses sitting on top of a table next to each other in the same row
coloured glasses in the window I'll fill them up with flower-bulbs
several different colored leaves on the ground with water droplets all over them and one leaf has yellow, green, red, and orange colors
.(pinned by
a flower with drops of water on it
No only is this an awesome shot, the colors are amazing. Just imagine what you could do with that combo.
a woman sitting in the sand with an umbrella
Color Inspiration Fitness & Nutrition Mentor 100lbs gone! {Food} {Fashion}{Fitness}{Fun} {{Click LIKE}} IG MissFitHoots
the contents of a fire extinguisher are laid out on a white surface
Things Come Apart
Object autopsies from Todd McLellan’s book Things Come Apart. No idea how he got those exploded views but they’re incredible.
blue flowers with green leaves are arranged in the shape of a circle on a white background
Things Organized Neatly
Exploded flowers | Photo by Qi Wei. I'm guessing this was a Hydrangea.
several different types of rocks are arranged in the shape of a circle, and one is black and white
the wall is covered with many pictures and words in different languages, including one that has been
Sooo much better than having all these wonderful photos tucked away in boxes-no frames needed
an assortment of different types and sizes of camera parts on a gray background with words written below
Todd McLellan | No Sugar Studio Blog — Graphic design — Swansea, South Wales
black and white photograph of spirals in the middle of an image with light coming through them
iPhone Project 366 (123/366)
an abstract photograph of some kind of object
Accumulation Paper Cut Sculptures by Christine Kim
palm leaves are reflected in the water on a sunny day
Reflet #blue #water
the water is crystal clear and reflecting sunlight