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Going Back to Kinder: Quick Post on Measuring

Going Back to Kinder: Quick Post on Measuring I like that the kids get to measure and cut the string. Plus, they get to step back and analyze their data and compare the measurements of each child.

Measuring Cards -These make for a fantastic non-standard measurement activity for preschoolers.

These cards make for a fun non-standard measurement activity. It incorporates measurement, size skills, and the concept of more/less/same.

Paper Plate Mouse ~ Easy Kids Craft. This would be a cute craft for following directions after ready 'If you give a mouse a cookie'

Paper Plate Mouse Craft - Housing a Forest Paper Plate Mouse ~ Easy Kids Craft If you really like arts and crafts an individual will appreciate this website!

Handprint Monkey - Twinkl Craft Idea

Handprint Monkey Craft Instructions PowerPoint - A lovely PowerPoint to show you how to make a cute handprint monkey! This includes a list of equipment and step by step instructions with photographs.


I think you could also have multiple pipe cleaners coming from one number and students have to show multiple ways to add numbers to get to that number. Counting with pipe cleaners and beads. Great for fine motor development too.