Polymer clay

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the earrings are made with two different shapes and gold hoops, on top of a wooden
a woman with long hair wearing large earrings
two pairs of pink earrings sitting on top of a marble counter
two green and gold earrings on top of a white surface, one has a circular disc with
a woman holding onto a pair of earrings with flowers on the bottom and one flower hanging from it's side
Bisutería en porcelanicrón
the polymer clay coasters are decorated with pink, gold and black circles
VIDEO: Polymer Clay Slab Earrings | Tutorial - My Vian
four pairs of white and gold hoop earrings on a pink background, with the top half of
DIY Scalloped Statement Hoop Earrings - Sarah Hearts
two keychains that have been placed on top of each other with the words, diy speckled clay keychais
Speckled DIY Clay Keychain Accessory — Sugar & Cloth Home Decor
a hand holding two white and green earrings with cactus designs on it's sides
C A C T U S Modern Polymer Clay Jewelry Drop Earrings - Etsy
pair of gold and red earrings on white background with clippings to the ear
Raw Sapphire & 14K Rose Gold Fill Earrings. Uncut Gemstone Jewelry, Rough Blue Prong Studs, Minimalist Jewelry, September Birthstone Gifts - Fine Jewelry Ideas