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two children are playing in a tire on the road
Laos children
A place to play . Laos
a night time view of the ocean and mountains with lights in the foreground at dusk
Lightscape | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
The board is called FACES.  This is not only my favorite pin on that board, it may be my favorite of all 8000 of my pins.  An amazing capture. People, Portraits, Photography, Portrait, Photographer, Fotografia, Beautiful People, Fotografie
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The board is called FACES. This is not only my favorite pin on that board, it may be my favorite of all 8000 of my pins. An amazing capture.
two men in shirts and ties are holding camera's for the same photo, one is smiling | Express Your Creativity!
The Color of Light: Basics of Color Temperature - Photography | . Understanding color temperature is an important part of becoming a serious photographer. As an amateur, most of the time you can leave your camera on the auto-white balance setting and get a pretty good result. Having an understanding of the effect of color temperature will help you to have more control over your results. (Colour temperature in Photography.)
two women are dancing in the sun with their hands up and one is holding her hair
WeBuildCastlesInTheAir Photography
To dance is to be out of yourself ~ larger, more beautiful, more powerful. This is power; it is glory on earth, and it is yours for the taking. Dance for yourself. If someone understands, good. If not, then no matter. Go right on doing what you love. Dancing with the feet is one thing, but dancing with the heart is another. ~ Unknown Mash-Up. ❤In memory my friend, Cindy❤
an info sheet showing the different types of aircrafts and their features, including landing gear
Exposure Triangle: Everything You Need to Know
Learning about how to get your exposure right is at the heart of good photography. As a result we’ve written on the topic numerous times (see links below) to help our readers get their heads around it. Those elements are ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed. Often referred to as The Exposure Triangle – 3 elements …
the silhouette of a woman holding her hand out in front of the sun on a foggy day
Sunlight - Is It Good Or Bad For You
Get Your Daily Dose Of Vitamin D!
a small child is peeking out from behind a wall with a cat looking at him
Funny Pictures Vol.683 - Barnorama
This is literally the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life
an image of some food that is in the water and has been placed on top of each
Market Street Catch
Market Street Catch
a lighthouse in the middle of a large wave with it's light house on top
Voracious Simplicity
I really am wondering how in the world somebody managed to get this shot and lived to tell the story...
the lighthouse is surrounded by huge waves in the ocean as it crashes against the shore
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
Massive waves! Love the lighthouse peeking out from the water....
a bunch of badges that are on the side of a glass window with mountains in the background
Outdoor / Camping Icon set
an abstract blue and white background with horizontal lines in the bottom right hand corner, on top of each other
Miller & Co identity by James Fitzgerald