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the bowl is full of raspberries on the kitchen table with other dishes and utensils
Cath Kidston del 1
yummy... and pretty
a bed with pink and green flowers on it in a bedroom next to a window
Cath Kidston's Success Story: How The Interiors Guru Made Her Mark
Cath Kidston bedding.
a white table topped with lots of bags next to wall hangings and pictures on the wall
Cath Kidston SS 2013 press show
Cath Kidston SS 2013 press show
the cupcake kit is packed with colorful cupcakes
Women's, Kids Bags, Fashion, Gifts
Cath Kidston
a bowl filled with eggs sitting on top of a blue and white plate next to other plates
Sommerhusliv Hele Aaret
many rolls of wrapping paper are on display in a closet with lots of other wrapping material
Coton et Lavande
Cath Kidston... 158 Portobello Road London W11 2EB
there are many pictures of different fabrics in the store
Cath kidston London
Cath kidston London by ♥ begoña ♥, via Flickr
the interior of a store with chairs and cushions in front of red display cases on blue walls
Cath Kidston, cruel place!
Cath Kidston | London
several cupcakes are stacked on top of each other in pink, blue and white
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there is a store front with many items in the window
rose hip
oh Cath. Cath Kidston!
a bath tub with towels hanging from it's side in a blue and white bathroom
Women's, Kids Bags, Fashion, Gifts
there are many bags and purses hanging on the wall next to eachother
Cath Kidson
a pink and white flowered comforter with polka dots on the pillow is shown
Women's, Kids Bags, Fashion, Gifts
Cath Kidston eiderdown
three towels hanging on the wall in front of a wood paneled wall with hooks
Women's, Kids Bags, Fashion, Gifts
Cath Kidston tea towels