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George R.R. Martin taught me that all of my loved ones are or will be dead.
an image of a man with long white hair in front of a tv screen and the caption, l'oreal paris because you're worth it
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The Best Hunger Games Memes
We literally do this at my school whenever someone has to present something in front of the class! We are all nerds but its awesome!
an image of a cartoon character with the caption so i just have to lie?
Harry Potter Memes (2)
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Harry Potter Puns and Memes So Dumb You'll Feel Bad For Laughing - Gaming
Harry Potter Puns and Memes So Dumb You'll Feel Bad For Laughing [Funny - Humor - 9gag]
harry potter and his wizard friends in harry potter's house, with the quote you're a wizard, harry
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the poster for harry potter is shown
25 Jokes That Only True Harry Potter Fans Will Understand - Gurl.com
OMG I so want to spend a weekend in one of those Harry Potter/ Hogwarts resorts in Europe