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a man wearing sunglasses is talking to someone on the tv screen in front of him
Prince talk about Jehovah Witnesses Religion
Prince talk about Jehovah Witness Religion
a poster with the words, do you seriously god can use? and other things to describe
God can use you!
two cars are parked on the side of a road that is partially submerged in water
World Good News – for Happy People All Over the World
Jehovah's Witnesses: photos taken of Christchurch earthquake damage
an island with a castle built on it in the middle of water next to a mountain
We don't miss a door!
a large mountain with stairs leading up to it's top and the words i am imperiyor, ya evde yoksan
The Girl Scouts and Jehovah's Witnesses hate him too.
a blue poster with the words keep calm and become a jehovah witnesses
jehovah witness - Google Search
a newspaper article with the words jelovah's witnesses do better after surgery without translations
Jehovah's witnesses do better after surgery w/o transfusions. "Our God Jehovah knows what is best for his people thus the admonition to" Abstain from blood" "He teaches us how to benefit ourselves".