Kura Gallery Maori New Zealand Design Sam Clark Graphic Designer

Brown, black and white in pencil, coloured pencil and ink on paper. With Maori motifs. By Sam Clark NZ artist.

HEI-Matau: stylized as these fish hooks represent strength, fertility and prosperity and respect for the sea, is also said that also functioned as a symbol of protection for those traveling by sea.

A hei matau is a bone or greenstone carving in the shape of a highly stylized fish hook typical of the Māori people of New Zealand. They represent strength, good luck and safe travel across water.


NZ Tiki Stacking Dolls (Each of the Tikis are decorated with traditional Maori designs and are holding a Maori weapon called the Mere)

maori woman

New Zealand Maori Women


There's nothing more kiwiana than a TIKI! Also the Tiki is commonly known as a good luck charm, so maybe having one on your wall will bring you lots of good luck.