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Raw fish salad recipe, Bite – Also known as kokoda, a very popular dish in the islands where fresh fish is abundant. This is my favourite way to eat really fresh fish. It’s a dish I have very fond memories of as we usually have it at the beach, the bach or on a boat when someone catches a fish. Though technically the fish is not cooked (with heat), the flesh still has the texture and appearance of cooked fish, a result of the acid in the lime juice reacting with the protein. –…

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Claudia Frew's rosewater, pomegranate and raspberry pavlova recipe – Sixteen-year-old Claudia Frew won the alternative category of the 2013 Nosh Food Market Mt Eden Annual Pavlova Competition with her rosewater, pomegranate and raspberry creation. Claudia is aspiring to one day own a bakery and has her own baking blog called –

Strawberry and Marshmallow Parfait with Strawberries recipe, Listener – visit Food Hub for New Zealand recipes using local ingredients –