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an old drawing of a bottle with a spoon next to it and another object in the background
Kotiate, an old Maori weapon of singular form: fashioned from whale's bone | NZETC
Kotiate, an old Maori weapon of singular form: fashioned from whale's bone.
a carved wooden object on a white background
This hand club is made from wood or whalebone
an old wooden shoe with two skulls on it
18th Century Maori Paua-Eyed Wahaika Club
18th century Maori wooden club (wahaika), good quality, heavy
a green vase sitting on top of a table
MASSUE MAORIE, MERE POUNAMUMaori club, mere pounamu, NOUVELLE-ZÉLANDE | Christie's
MAORI CLUB, MERE POUNAMU, date confirmed, 1908.
an intricately carved wooden object is hanging on the wall
19th Century Maori hand club wahaika
an ornate wooden brush with metal fittings on the top and sides, sitting against a black background
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A maripi is a Maori weapon comprised of a wooden paddle with shark teeth inbedded into the cutting edge.
a metal object that is shaped like a curved tube with holes in the middle, on a white surface
Maori Greenstone Wahaika
an ornately carved white object sitting on top of a wicker floor
Somethangz Originalz
The kotiate was a popular Maori weapon, used for man-to-man combat and distinctively having a carved notch on either side of the blade. They were usually made from whalebone but sometimes from native hardwoods. Whalebone kotiate were usually only carved on the butt of the handle, Wooden kotiate were also carved on the blade. Kotiate all had a cord so the warrior could wrap that cord around their hand, to prevent it being lost during battle. via Somethangsz Originalz FB
a decorative vase with three circles on the front and one circle at the top, in dark brown color
Important Maori Presentation Hand Club. This and more important Oceanic art for sale on
a carved wooden object sitting on top of a black surface with an intricate design in the middle
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Tāku Toa My Warrior Spirit by Ian-Wayne Grant Medium: maire, rātā, bone (cattle), granite base Size: 7.5 × 3.25 × 1.25 inches (excl. base)
an ornately decorated bottle with eyes on it
Maori Wahaika and Maori Kotiate - new guinea tribal arts
Maori Kotiate war club 1
an ornate wooden handle on a black background
an intricately carved wooden object with a green stone eye on it's face
Oceanic Art
Wahaika (short club), early 19th century Artist not identified New Zealand, Maor Wood, paua shell (Abalone haliotis), fiber L: 41.40 cm, W: 17.30 cm Donor not recorded. Received before 1878 Accession Number: E5539
an old black and white photo of a man in native clothing
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Tattoed Maori woman wearing traditional garb – a cloak made of kiwi feathers.
an old black and white drawing of different types of instruments in various shapes and sizes
Whakapapa Tribal Wars 1
patu - Maori weapons