Rachel 6

Rachel 6

I do Not know what is Wrong and what is Right Is the Day the beauty and the beast the Night?! Sry,my dear followers,Pinterest changed,its so difficult 2 use! X
Rachel 6
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Emily Strange

The dark, beautiful and sometimes mysterious. I dont do porn and I dont do gore, although you might find the occasional nude or a little blood.

)O( The moon sees your soul

~This is a common interpretation of these celestial bodies rulings in astrology. Some relate it to our External/Internal selves, or Conscious/Sub-Conscious. The Sun shines onto all that can be seen, and the Moon carries reflection.

More and more people seek the "old" ways.

Ruby is the leader of the wolf pack that's hidden in the Pyrenees. She has hand raised many wolf pups and cares for all the pack. She was orphaned at the age of twelve and the wolves took her in as one of their own.