Stock vector of 'Four seamless Maori Kowhaiwhai patterns.'

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Use kowhaiwhai patterns to make Maori culture visible in your centre

Use kowhaiwhai patterns to make Maori culture and the traditional patterns of the swirls and curved lines

Maori art, New Zealand

This lovely art piece catches the cultural diversity of New Zealand and it's native people - the Maori

Maori pattern

Maori art is fantastic. Look.

The Daily Telecraft: Art Class Lesson Plan- Maori Pattern Crayon Batik

In 1930 Albert Gobder copied the decorative Maori patterns known as kowhaiwhai from Nga Tau e Waru meeting house in what is now the Masterson district of New Zealand.  Photograph courtesy Alexander Turnbull Library

Albert Gobder copy of Maori pattern, 'kowhaiwhai from Nga Tau e Waru meeting house' 1930

Ngaru | Kowhaiwhai Wall Art

Wood carving is a sacred art form for Maori from hand made wearable art and necklaces to weapons, gift boxes, intricate wall art and traditional sculptures.

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