Nigo Maruera
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Human anatomy felt board – This is a fun way for children to learn about their body while getting a sensory experience and learning where the pieces go. When they get to their diseased organ they can stop and talk about it, or talk about how their sickness is affecting each body part. Great hands on educational tool.
My own DIY - "P is for Mrs.Powlik, a very special teacher." Tomorrow is my 3.5 year old, Ella's last day of playschool, so we're going to give her teacher this as a gift.
Maori masks depicting Maori gods. The symmetrical motifs in the background were part of a mathematics lesson.
DREAM CATCHERS These Native American dream catchers are really popular with kids. Buy small paper plates and cut out the middles with a craft knife.  Then use a hole punch to create holes around t...
The beauty of words.
tissue box monsters!! Such a cute idea for a kids Halloween party or birthday monster party!
Flowers made from plates and stems made from a hose.
Learn about transpiration in nature with this colour changing (dying) flowers experiment from Go Science Girls.
Pretty Northern Lights paintings with watercolors & tree silhouette - art & painting for kids
Art with Mrs. French - Art with Mrs. French...what if you did this with an elementary class studying science?