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someone is painting flowers on a piece of paper
𝔹𝕚𝕣𝕘𝕚𝕥 𝕂𝕠𝕠𝕡𝕤𝕖𝕟-𝔹𝕖𝕣𝕟𝕤𝕥𝕖𝕚𝕟 🇳🇱 on Instagram: "You probably know I love to print with botanicals, especially flowers. But often I think it’s a shame using good and beautiful flowers. I always hope, when I have a bouquet of flowers that one or two of them will last longer than the rest, and then when it’s time to dispose the bouquet I can use those to print with 😅 But guess what? For some flowers the fake ones work just as well, you won’t see the difference in the print, they last “forever” and can be use over and over again. I cut off the stem and then bend it for better grip. Here are some details about the process: I used the 5x7” @gelliarts gel plate and @araacrylics paints I let the first layer dry completely before painting the flowers I applied 2 layers of paint
GEL PRINTING, magazine image transfer technique
Difficulty: Medium #gelpress #gelprint #printmaking #monoprinting Supplies • Gel printing plate • Acrylic paints • Rubber brayer • Magazine • Paper
Vintage Image Transfer Gel Print (March Printing Challenge Idea #26)
For the gel printing prompt IMAGE TRANSFER Gelli Arts® artist Michele Mixed Media used a vintage image (public domain) and double-printed it on a laser printer. She rolled out black acrylic paint on the gel plate and placed the laser print on it. After a few seconds of smoothing the paper, she pulled the laser print off the plate. She used cotton buds and a damp paper towel to remove some of the image. She also added some detail with paint. Once the transfer was dry she added colour. She used a texture plate before adding a final layer of paint and placing paper on top. Michelle leaves the paper and paint to dry for about 15 minutes before she pulls her monoprint. #marchprintingchallenge #gelliarts #monoprinting #gelprinting #printmaking #printingplate #gelplate #imagetransfer
Image Transfer Gel Printing A Vintage Photo (ABC Printing Challenge Idea #22)
V is for... VINTAGE! For this print Gelli Arts® artist Michelle Mixed Media downloaded a free vintage image from the Graphics Fairy website and edited the image to a high-contrast BW image. She printed the image onto the same paper twice. Use black acrylic paint for the image transfer. Let the paint dry for a few minutes and then add the final colours to pull the print. #abcprintingchallenge #GelliArts #gelprinting #printmaking #monoprinting #printingplate #imagetransfers #phototransfer
Spooky Double-Exposure Image Transfers With the Gelli® Plate
Create Bold Graphic Monoprints With the Gelli® Plate (March Printing Challenge Idea #18)
For the gel printing prompt BLACK AND WHITE Gelli Arts® artist Tara Axford shares how she creates bold and striking graphic black and white monoprints. Tara uses simple hand-cut shapes that she repeats in large and small. She also monoprints smaller patterns on tissue paper with a smaller Gelli® printing plate. She uses the tissue paper for collage to fill in the gaps on her initial print. Tara uses water-based printmaking ink for a dense black and prints on Somerset satin printmaking paper and on tissue paper. #marchprintingchallenge #gelliarts #monoprinting #gelprinting #printmaking #printingplate #gelplate #gelliplate #printingtechniques