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two plates with food on them next to each other and one has a spoon in it
Creamy Polenta | The Mediterranean Dish
Learn how to make this creamy polenta recipe in the traditional Italian way with Parmigiano-Reggiano and butter.
baked fries on a plate with ranch dressing
Crispy Greek Oven Fries | The Mediterranean Dish
Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside oven fries! A couple of tips make all the difference in these Greek fries finished w/ oregano, garlic,and feta! #fries #potatoes #bakedpotatoes #potatowedges #bakedfries #sidedish #greekfood #greekrecipes #mediterraneanrecipes #mediterraneanfood
cucumber sandwich appetizer on a plate with the words how to make the best cucumber sandwich appetizer
Must-Try Cucumber Sandwich Recipe
A few tips make a difference when you make cucumber sandwiches that are cool and airy, and never soggy! With an herby spread without cream cheese or mayo.
a close up of a casserole in a pan with text overlay that reads, how to make pasta pastesio greek lasaga
Pastitsio Recipe - Greek Lasagna | The Mediterranean Dish
Best pastitsio recipe you'll try! Greek lasagna with layers of pasta and cinnamon-spiked meat sauce, topped with creamy bechamel. Easy recipe with video.
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a bowl of faro soup with white beans and spinach in it on a blue and white plate
Tuscan Farro Soup Recipe
Tuscan farro soup with white beans, carrots, tomatoes and spinach is so comforting! It’s rich, hearty, and flavorful — perfect for chilly nights. Think of it like a hug in a bowl!
someone is taking a piece of vegetable frittata from a casserole dish
Breakfast Strata (Baked Egg Breakfast Casserole | The Mediterranean Dish
Strata is a savory, layered breakfast casserole made with bread, eggs, meat and vegetables. Make it the day before and bake it the morning of!
broccoli pasta with pine nuts and parsley in a white bowl
Mediterranean Bean and Broccoli Pasta | The Mediterranean Dish
You'll love this easy bean and broccoli pasta, prepared Mediterranean-style and tossed in olive oil, garlic, oregano, parsley & Parmesan cheese! #pasta #broccolipasta #italianrecipes #mediterraneanrecipes #mediterraneandiet
greek lamb kefto with potatoes and vegetables in a bowl on a wooden table
Kleftiko (Greek Lamb in Parchment) | The Mediterranean Dish
Greek lamb kleftiko is a traditional Greek dish of slow-roasted lamb cooked in parchment with potatoes and vegetables. This easy recipe shows you how to make fall-apart-tender Greek lamb roast, an impressive dish to feed a crowd!
spinach and cheese enchiladas in a casserole dish with text overlay
Spanakopita Recipe (Greek Spinach Pie Tutorial) | The Mediterranean Dish
BEST spankapita recipe and complete tutorial you will find! Delicious Greek savory pie with crispy phyllo dough and a comforting spinach and feta filling. Great tips, step-by-step photos and how-to video on
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two mason jars filled with blueberry sauce
5-Ingredient Berry Compote (2 Ways)
Compote is a sweet, chunky fruit sauce. And you just need 30 minutes and 5 ingredients for this easy berry compote recipe!
vegetarian baked ziti in a blue casserole dish with fresh basil on top
BEST Vegetarian Baked Ziti
This recipe and tutorial is all you need to make the BEST vegetarian baked ziti with ricotta, marinara sauce, and a layer of bright veggies nestled in. You can this pasta casserole ahead as part of #mealprep. #bakedziti #pasta #pastacasserole #italianfood #comfortfood #themediterraneandish #lasagna
a blue plate topped with pasta and beans
Egyptian Koshari Recipe | The Mediterranean Dish
All star koshari recipe! Comforting bowl of lentils and rice, pasta, and chickpeas smothered in a spiced tomato sauce and topped w/ crispy thin onion rings!
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