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Cook Islands

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This board focuses on the Cook Islands community and the differences between schools in Melbourne and the pre-school I did placement at over in the Cook Islands.

When I found out I was accepted to do my placement in the Cook Islands, my aim was to learn basic Maori. This pin is important to me as it shows numbers 1-10 in english and maori. I believe that because I was in a foreign country it was my duty to learn their language as respect to them.

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Tips for Teaching with Limited Classroom Resources

This pin is really important as it offers teachers, who are going overseas to teach at schools with limited resources, ideas about what they could do instead. This pin is very insightful and helpful and assisted in my packing in regards to what resources I should take overseas with me.

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This pin is important to me as I was placed in this pre-school in the Cook Islands. I was able to see first hand how the funding from the New Zealand Aid Programme Community Initiatives Scheme provided Black Rock with a wide range of educational resources as well as a safe environment to foster the children's educational experience and social needs.

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This pin provides educators and parents information on the benefits of outdoor play. At the pre-school I was placed in, the children were able to go wherever they wanted (inside or outside). I believe that this is important as children should be given the opportunity to explore their environment without having so many restrictions.

I find this pin quite interesting. Before I left for the Cook Islands, I was told to be open and to accept the fact that when they discipline children they may smack them. This pin is about how the government are trying to change the laws again to allow smacking in order to change petty crimes. This is completely different to the laws in Australia.