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Organizing the Garage with DIY Pegboard Storage Wall

HELLO fabulous looking garage! DIY Garage pegboard for tools, spray paint and supplies. Only need 5.5 inches for depth. {The Creativity Exchange} @thecreativityexchange

15 Helpful House Hacks

BOYISH CHARM15 Helpful House Hacks By Stephanie Keeping | June 15, 2016 Pin 27 Share 5 Tweet Yum SHARES 32 Let’s face it, life is busy. Using our home space efficiently and keeping it organized and clean can save us so much time and money. To that end, we’ve rounded up 15 helpful house hacks to help manage the household chaos. You’ll find ideas for a mobile laundry station, garage storage and organization, and tips and tricks for just about every area in your house from the kitchen to th...

It is time for yet another fun IKEA Hack Collection and this time we are going to be focusing on Craft Room IKEA Hacks. Yes…all of the hacks here today would work amazingly well in your craft room or space. We have some more complex ones like Crafting Work spaces and then most of these …

My Garage Workshop is Done! (For the most part. I say that a lot don't I?) This has been an on again off again project. I started it on my Master Closet "down time" (while paint was drying and ...

Gardening will lift your spirits, calm you, and give you a sense of purpose and achievement. It also teaches you patience and hope!

Imagination Quote: every child is an artist.

Imagination Quote: imagination is more powerful than knowledge

Imagination Quote: everything you can imagine is real