27 Costumes For Elementary School Teachers

27 Halloween Costumes For Elementary School Teachers. This would be adorable for kids to dress up as their favorite book character. Great idea for a Halloween night at the library.

Totally worth the trip to this blog! These are in a classroom, but....Oh, the ways to use in play therapy...let me count the ways! Too cute and super easy to make. Lorax trees from tissue pom poms and pool noodles with duct tape!

making truffula trees from the Lorax using tissue paper, pom poms and pool noodles with duct tape!

British Columbia Kindergarten Language Arts C7 Letter recognition sensory bin.

Emergent Writing: This activity lets kids use sand to write letters and words. You can use different tools to practice writing. This helps them better writing skills.

Make a Hypertufa Trough from BHG.com

Hypertufa trough Modeled after ancient stone troughs used to hold water and feed for livestock, these troughs are made from hypertufa, an artificial stone product. Easy to make, these cool containers work in any style garden.

Letters & loose parts

Learning to write: Creating letters with loose parts {from Adventures in Kindergarten: Discovery Time} Need: glass or pony beads, mirrors, index cards with letters written on them, 1 basket for beads and 1 basket for index cards,

What's great about this bohemian-looking bed spread is that it's DIY, made from vintage silk scarves.

Another pinner said-Ouno Design vintage scarf quilt. This would be a great DIY project with scarves from the GoodWill.

Maori Whakatauki , Maori Proverbs

Posters with Maori Proverbs. Contains 20 posters with Maori proverbs perfect for mainstream or immersion classrooms.

Scarves or vintage hankies framed

Charming Framed Handkerchiefs - Display vintage hankies as art pieces. For grandma's handkerchiefs.

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