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an abstract painting with different colors and shapes on the side of a window sill
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a black plate with many different types of jewelry on it's side, including necklaces and bracelets
Nicky Foreman - Ouvrir
a cow is standing in front of a wall with many pictures on it and the words waring above it
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Nicky Forman - Crossing II
a painting with numbers on it in front of a field and red sky at sunset
Nicky Foreman
an abstract painting with trees and mountains in the background
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Nicky Foreman
a circular artwork with blue and black designs on it's sides, surrounded by smaller circles
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the cross is decorated with an ornate vase
Paintings For Sale, Contemporary Art For Sale, Nz art
Nicky Foreman Paintings For Sale, Contemporary Art For Sale, Nz art
an abstract painting with orange, black and white colors on it's surface is shown
nicky foreman
an abstract painting on the side of a building with trees and buildings painted on it
Nicky Foreman Pass 2009
two circles with flowers and leaves painted on the inside one circle is gold, the other blue
nicky foreman
an artistic painting with gold, blue and white items on black paper in the background
Foreman’s work is often concerned with taking everyday mundane objects and resetting them, so they can be viewed as precious and beautiful. Her work can be viewed in two ways, as small icon-like pieces and as a work in its entirety. The difficulty in this is to create an innate sense of balance, wherein the viewer's eye is not pulled in any one direction, but rather "floats" across the surface picking up different aspects. Foreman's recent work is the residence it takes up between Taranak...
a painting on a white wall with blue and green circles in the center, surrounded by leaves
Nicky Forman NZ Artist. Flourish - After Botticelli. Oil on Board 350mm diameter
a circular painting with many different types of leaves and flowers on it's surface
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Nicky Foreman (NZ) Contemporary female artist