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a woman's face with trees growing out of her head and branches in the background
Antonio Mora. Where Dreams Will Take You
To say I have a talent crush on this man would probably be an understatement. || Druid ©Antonio Mora
an image of a woman's face and eyes in a hallway with checkered floor
Antonio Mora
antonio mora DREAM PORTRAITS -repinned by Southern California portrait photographer #portraits
a woman's face is covered in black, yellow and white paint with abstract shapes
©Antonio Mora. Where Dreams Will Take You
a woman's face is covered in artichokes
coeur d'artichaut - Bretzel liquide, humour noir, propos absurdes et photos étranges
coeur d'artichaut (Antonio Mora)
a black and white photo of a woman's face with hands on her head
Retratos que mezclan seres humanos con naturaleza. Es totalmente surreal
Handsup by antoniomora. S)
a woman with her head in the shape of a structure
Antonio Mora - "Under construction". Printed vinyl over cardboard, available in several sizes. #decoration #home #desing . To request information:
a woman's face with orange and white paint on it
Hypnotic Fusion of Portraits by Antonio Mora
ANTONIO MORA Photography
a woman's face is in the middle of an ocean with waves coming out of it
black sea antonio mora
a woman's face is shown with the image of a man standing in the water
Hypnotic Fusion of Portraits by Antonio Mora
Hypnotic Fusion of Portraits by Antonio Mora - My Modern Metropolis
a woman with a butterfly on her head
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a man's face is made up of wooden planks
☆ Black -Ƹ̵- White Photography By :→: Antonio Mora ☆
a woman's head with trees reflected in the water
antonio mora
“The spiritual life does not remove us from the world but leads us deeper into it” ― Henri J.M. Nouwen (Antonio Mora)
a black and white photo of a woman with mountains on her head
antonio mora
double exposure photography by antonio mora dupla exposição | double exposure | fotografia | photography | photoshop
a woman with leaves on her head in front of a white wall and black frame
These Bizarre Portraits Of Surrealism Will Take You Into A Fictitious World | Naldz Graphics
Double exposure portraits by Antonio Mora (a.k.a. Mylovt). He blends human and nature into surreal hybrid artworks. Mora works with images he’d found browsing through online databases, magazines and blogs, and then fuses them together using skillful photo manipulation techniques. Art, Digital Art, Digital Collage