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a white plate topped with food on top of a table
a wooden swing set on top of a lush green hillside
📍 สกายวอล์คเขาค้อภูเลิศ
an ornate stained glass window in a dark room
📍phra maha chedi chai mongkol
several hanging lanterns and other decorations on the outside of a building
a white plate topped with two donuts next to a glass of beer and a chocolate bar
Soft pretzel + tiramisu latte
purple water lilies are blooming in the pond
📍phanom rung historical park
people are walking up and down the stairs in the forest with flags flying above them
📍wat phra that doi suthep
a couple of bushes that are sitting in the grass near some stairs and steps with people standing on them
📍Pak chong - Nong Sarai
there is a bowl of food on the table with chopsticks next to it
Khao soi + Gyoza + roti
the mountains are covered in fog and low lying clouds
two glasses sitting on top of a wooden table
Oktoberfest 2019
an ornate building lit up at night with trees in the foreground and dark sky behind it
some plants are growing out of an old tire
📍Roi et
an old brick structure in the middle of some trees and plants on top of it
📍Phra maha chedi chai mongkol
the wooden doors are lined up against the tree
📍Wat pa wang nam yen