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an empty pool in the middle of a concrete building with steps leading up to it
Espejos de agua en casas argentinas: ejemplos en planta y sección
Espejos de agua en casas argentinas: ejemplos en planta y sección | Plataforma Arquitectura
an artistic rendering of a tree growing on the side of a train station platform with people walking by
Jardins de Babylone met en scène la végétalisation du métro Jaurès !
people sitting on the ground in front of a waterfall
Photo 1 of 8 in 8 Great Examples of Outdoor Design from Andrea…
The major space in the Portland Open Space Sequence, the Ira Keller Fountain, opened on June 23, 1970. “Halprin knew how to engage the public, and his flexible, bottom-up approach often enabled him to get projects built,” said Laurie Olin, landscape architect.
a man sitting on top of a set of stairs
Sou Fujimoto plans flora for Université Paris-Saclay building
people are walking around in the atrium of an office building with glass walls and metal railings
renzo piano's italian bank tower contains a public bioclimatic greenhouse
an artist's rendering of a curved building with people walking on the sidewalk and in the distance
The Navajo Code Talkers Museum and Veterans' Center
The Navajo Code Talkers Museum and Veterans' Center - AIA
people are walking up and down the stairs in an outdoor area with trees, bushes and grass
Senezh Campus
people are standing on the side of a building with large columns and grass growing in between them
St. Andrews Institute of Technology and Management – Boys Hostel Block | ZED Lab | Archinect
a large building sitting next to a body of water with a swan standing in front of it
Passos do Turismo on Twitter
an artist's rendering of the outside of a retail area with people walking around
Al Majaz Markets
Al Majaz Markets on Behance
people are walking on the walkway in front of tall buildings with glass balconies
SOM to transform disused rail yards into 'catalinas rio', a new office building in buenos aires